You create the newsletter, we send it!

  • Create your email contact list
  • Design beautiful newsletters using Google Docs
  • Schedule newsletters for a later date
Newsletter Sender Icon

Introducing Newsletter Sender PREMIUM!

Enhance your newsletter sending experience with these premium features:

  • Specify Reply-To: Take control of your communication by designating a specific email address for recipients to reply to.
  • Specify Sender Name: Customize the sender name to reflect your brand or personal identity.
  • Add Attachments: Enhance your newsletters with additional resources or documents by easily attaching files directly from your Google Drive.
  • Show Number of Emails Remaining for Today: Stay informed and manage your outreach effectively with real-time updates on the number of emails you can send within a given day.
  • Send Now: Seamlessly send out your newsletters instantly, allowing for timely communication and ensuring your message reaches your audience precisely when it matters most.

Beginning in April, unlock these premium features and take your newsletter campaigns to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness! Upgrade to our Premium Subscription Plan to enjoy these benefits!

Setup Instructions

  • 1. Download the workspace add-on
  • 2. Find Newsletter Sender under the Extensions menu and click Setup
  • 3. We will create two sheets for you. You may delete the sample information at any time.
  • 4. Create your emails and pass the URL in the URL column
  • 5. Fill in your contact list and click initialize in the Newsletter Sender menu
  • 6. Should any of your users wish to unsubscribe (not sure why they ever would), change their subscribed status to FALSE